Kruger Park Trips

Unique Tours
We carefully select and evaluate all our sights and activities to offer tours that are highly customized to your leisure wishes.

Nca* Prices
We understand the importance of a good price/quality balance. All our tours are attractively priced, so you have the benefit of getting mo Afrika for your money.

*Local lingo for: Fine, beautiful. Pronounced with a downward click of the tongue.

Fresh approach
We are a young and enthusiastic team, constantly looking for new developments to keep our tours fresh and original.

Big Smile
A person uses 62 muscles to frown and only 26 muscles to smile. Your holiday or leisure experience should be relaxing and fun, therefore our always well-mooded crew will do their best to make you smile.

Holidays are about freedom to do whatever you feel like doing. Our easy going tour guides are always open for alterations in the original tour itinerary, even during the tour!

Adequate Support
We want you to find the information you are looking for. With an easy to use community based ‘Help’ section we guide you to the requested details in the fastest way possible.

Think Green
Using the planet in an ecological responsible way is the green part of our vision. With small adjustments we can make a big difference and, together with you, leave a minimal polluting footprint.