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Anthony Colia

CEO and Founder

Moafrika Tours

Founded in 2010
Leading day tour operator in Johannesburg, Soweto, Pretoria, the Cape and the Kruger National Park
Safari destination tour operator in South Africa, Botswana,Swaziland, Namibia and Mozambique



Moafrika Tours was founded in 2010 but I’ve been involved in the safari tourism industry for as long as I can remember. I’ve travelled around southern Africa with my Dad who owns and operates a busy safari company since I was a small boy.

As soon as I was old enough, Dad made me wash cars, make beds, answer phone calls and meet and greet guests. It was a family affair and we all got involved in helping Dad grow his safari business. I’ve been to Indaba every year since I was a teenager. It’s Africa’s largest travel trade show and I got to know the agents and tour operators well. I’ve seen tour operators come and go over the years, and saw first-hand what works and what fails.

After school, I got my PDP and started working for Dad as a driver; taking guests to Pilanesberg and the Kruger National Park. I would wake up at 4am for a 5am pickup, drive to the Lowveld and spend the day in the Park. After the evening game drive, I’d head back to Jo’burg and finally get some sleep at 11pm. Then it was up again at 5am.

And that’s where Moafrika Tours started. Guests would say they’d love to see Johannesburg CBD and Soweto or visit the Lion & Rhino Park and I’d say, “No problem, I’ll take you.” One of our drivers grew up in Soweto and we did tours to the city together.

It was a turbulent time and those early tours were fascinating. My love of our incredible eclectic South African culture grew from those roots and I got as much joy from those tours as our guests did.

I was young; making extra money on the side and learning about the safari tourism industry at the same time. I had a two-bedroomed apartment and when guests were stuck for accommodation, I’d offer them my bedrooms and I’d bunk with a friend. More money in my pocket and the seeds of Moafrika Tours started to sprout.

Dad and I eventually bought a piece of land in Benoni and built what is now a 10-bedroom guest lodge and our head office. It was finished just before the World Cup Rugby Tournament in 2010 and we were full from day one. I handed out brochures for day tours to guest houses in the area and soon I was so booked up, I bought more vehicles.

Moafrika Tours was formally founded in 2010 and, I’m proud to say, has grown from strength to strength to become one of South Africa’s leading day tour and safari operators. Its roots lie firmly embedded in knowing our guests well and what makes them happy and working hard to make sure that an outing with Moafrika Tours is perfect.



My proudest accomplishment has been building a team that is as passionate and as dedicated to Moafrika Tours and our guests as I am. It’s a tough industry; the hours are long and we need to stay ahead of the game. We are a young and enthusiastic team, and always looking for ways to make our tours fresh and exciting.

Most of our guides have been with me since the beginning; they’re knowledgeable and professional but it’s their friendly manner and big smiles that make them special. They get a kick out of making guests happy and willingly accommodate the most bizarre requests.

Wayne Barnes is my right-hand man; he’s responsible for sales and operations but there’s very little he won’t do for Moafrika Tours and our guests. You just have to ask. And asking is easy; we have Live Chat on our websites and Wayne and I are available 24/7. Our cell phones are always on and, if you can’t get hold of us, there is always someone to help.



Moafrika Tours is a leading day tour and safari operator with a footprint that extends from Cape Agulhas on the southern tip of Africa to Etosha Pan in the northern stretch of Namibia.

We strive to create personal and unique holiday experiences for tourists visiting southern Africa and we do this by ensuring our day tours and safaris are fresh, exciting and different.

But a lot of tour operators can say that. What makes us different is that we never say “no” to a client. We can always make a plan. Whether it’s taking a detour off the beaten path or picking someone up before the roosters start to crow; adding something extra at no cost or deviating from the itinerary for something special… the team can make it happen.

And it’s never too late to book a tour with Moafrika Tours. We are well known for last-minute bookings. All you have to do is ask… which is why our email address is

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I didn’t study tourism, I grew up in it and learnt from the best. One thing I realized early on is it doesn’t matter how many tour vehicles you have or how many guides you employ. What matters is being able to meet the needs of your guests.

For that reason, Moafrika Tours has developed an outstanding network of tour operators that are the best in their field in various destinations. We have a solid understanding with a select group of tour operators that they’ll deliver a service to our guests that is exemplary. Only Moafrika Tours standards will do.

The same applies to guest lodges and hotels we partner with; we choose establishments that are rated highly and know how to keep their guests happy. It’s a three-way partnership; happy guests, busy guest lodges and a thriving tour operator business. We rely on each other to be exciting, fresh and innovative.



Moafrika Tours is the dominant player in historical and cultural day tours to Johannesburg, Soweto and Pretoria. We also offer an exciting array of tours to the Kruger National Park, the Pilanesberg Game Reserve and Madikwe Game Reserve. It may be a whistle-stop day tour or a 5-day safari experience.

In 2017, we extended our offering to cover the major attractions in Botswana, Namibia and Mozambique in partnership with leading tour operators in those countries.

Our guides know the places they take guests to like it’s a second home. If it’s the Big 5 you are looking for or you want to swing from the Orlando Towers in Soweto, Moafrika Tours will create a personal safari tour that you and your family will cherish forever.



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